I was watching the Paleo Nom Nom live feed (walnut shrimp recipe anyone?) and noticed there was a giveaway for Primal Kitchen products. We had a Primal Kitchen restaurant in Culver City, CA but it closed before I could try it out. It got me thinking about who did the Primal Kitchen restaurant concept and […]

https://fluiddata.com   Interesting. Just found this today after finishing transcribing the JRE podcast episode 1070 with Dr Jordan B Peterson. It doesn’t seem like all of the JRE episodes are there, who populates this beautiful site?    

Why did I transcribe The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, episode 1070 featuring Jordan B. Peterson? Because I’m interested in this shit. Why am I sharing it with you? Because I believe in transparent and free information.   Read up, soak it in, spit it out, swallow it; do what you will. You’re welcome. [YOUTUBE LINK] […]

Inside of the volume. Grey, short-piled carpet. Black walls and black ceiling to floor curtains. A group of people surrounding a big flat TV screen. T-30 seconds. SpaceX live. The Falcon Heavy launch. That’s a fucking heavy rocket. 12,000 km/hr?! Yells, hoots, hollers. Celebration. Awestruck energy.

  Love, work, and knowledge are the well-springs of our life. They should also govern it. -Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957)

I found this on the internet today while searching for induction cooktops… It’s a PDF created by NuWave¬†to go along with their products. They didn’t list any sources for the data and I haven’t gone through it to cross-check their numbers. Cooking Temperature for Oils¬†– link to PDF

While searching for New Years poems to read and share with loved ones, I found one that I didn’t like…mostly because I think it’s great until the very last line unleashes negativity…damn you Ella Wheeler Wilcox – it could have ended on a more positive and uplifting note. The Year by Ella Wheeler Wilcox What […]